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The 3 Main Parts of Your Dental Implant Restoration

April 19, 2018

Dentist showing woman implant tooth replacement modelsDental implant supported tooth replacement plans are some of the most complex dentistry treatments available. Before you get started with your dental implant restoration plan, you should take the time to learn more about these advanced procedures. In this post, we’ll walk you through the various aspects of your dental implant plan and help you learn what to expect during treatment. There are three main parts of a dental implant restoration – the post, abutment, and replacement tooth. By understanding each part of the implant post and how they work, you’ll be better prepared for your dental restoration plan.

1 – The Dental Implant Post

Dental implant posts are used to replace the lost roots of missing teeth. These posts can be crafted from a variety of materials, including titanium and zirconia. The implant posts are surgically positioned below the gums. We start by making a small incision in the soft tissue. Then, the implant is inserted below the gum line. Once in place, the implant post fuses with the gums and supportive bone tissue, mimicking the tooth’s root.

2 – Abutment Posts

The abutment posts are the part of the restoration that attach the implant post to the replacement tooth. When we place the implant post, a protective cap is positioned over the top. This allows the implant site to heal while retaining the shape necessary to allow us to connect the abutment post. Once the soft tissue has healed, the protective cap is removed, and the abutment is attached.

3 – Replacement Teeth

Once the abutment post is in place, we’ll capture impressions and design your replacement tooth or teeth. We then send our design to the dental lab where your custom restoration is crafted. Once we receive the final restoration, it is permanently fixed to your abutment posts, recreating healthy tooth structures.

Preparatory Treatments

Prior to starting the implant supported tooth replacement process, you may need to receive a number of preparatory treatments, including the extraction of damaged or unhealthy teeth and bone or soft tissue grafts. These treatments are performed to improve your chances for successful dental implant placement.

Meet Dr. Triuplas

David A. Tripulas, DDS is a skilled dental practitioner offering Wharton area dentistry patients comprehensive dental care, including implant supported tooth replacement plans. Dr. Tripulas has completed advanced training to ensure he can safely place dental implant posts and create beautiful restorations. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or a full row of teeth, call our Wharton dentist and team to schedule a dental implant tooth replacement consultation. We’ll carefully examine your smile and help you find the best dental restoration plan to meet your needs whether or not it’s dental implants. We’re here to help patients find the best treatments for their unique oral health care needs.

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