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Dental Implants in Wharton

Traditional tooth replacement options only restored those parts of teeth that are visible when patients smile, but the underlying root systems of teeth provide a number of important oral health benefits essential to keeping smiles whole and healthy. Dental implants are small, titanium posts that mimic these natural root structures providing support for any number of missing teeth that most closely reflects lost dental structures for a longer lasting result that looks and feels just like the teeth they’re replacing. David A. Tripulas, DDS, Inc. is happy to offer patients a partner in the dental implant supported tooth replacement process. We work with a trusted local specialist to safely and effectively complete the surgical implant placement procedure. Then, we craft and place dental prosthetics to complete patients’ smiles. Contact our Wharton dentist and team to schedule your dental implant consultation today.

Implant Restorations

Regardless of the number or location of missing teeth, the dental implant placement process is essentially the same. The oral surgeon places a small incision in the soft tissue and the implant post is positioned below the gum line. A small, protective cap is placed over the implant post, and over the course of several months, the gum and supportive alveolar bone tissue attach to the implant post. Once this process known as osseointegration is complete, patients return to our office where we attach their restoration. For those missing a single tooth or up to four consecutive teeth, we typically use an implant supported dental crown or fixed bridge. An individual dental crown attached to an implant post can be used to replace a single tooth, we are typically able to use just one dental implant post to support two replacement teeth as well. For three or four consecutive teeth, we use two dental implant posts to support either end of the fixed bridge.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Those patients with more extensive tooth loss may want to consider implant supported partial and full dentures. Like their traditional counterparts, these dental implant-retained prosthetics replace any number of nonconsecutive teeth up to a full arch restoration. Partial dentures are crafted with a strategically placed number of replacement teeth set into a gum colored base. Traditionally, metal clasps attached to remaining teeth hold partial dentures in place. A strategic number of implant posts attached to these partials allow patients to experience superior comfort and support while protecting remaining healthy dental structures. Full dentures are traditionally held in position with natural suction between the gums and denture base or using a small amount of denture adhesive. Implant-retained full dentures are typically secured to between four and six implant posts positioned to offer maximum stability depending on the size of the patients’ jaw. In most cases, we’re able to offer both fixed and removable prosthetics depending on patient preference.